• Tara De Boer

New heymoji tiles... weekly!


Heymoji is an AWESOME social app that allows you to virtualize yourself directly from your mobile device. From there, you can send and share the virtual YOU on all social platforms and messaging apps. It’s an opportunity to send the most authentic and realistic version of yourself online! 

Exciting news…

We have a wide range of exciting GIFs to insert your heymoji into. From celebratory Canada Day tiles, to NBA Championship tiles, we want to make sending your "feelings" easier! We are launching new tiles WEEKLY, so stay tuned for trendy tiles every Friday to help you celebrate and laugh with your friends and family.

Got an idea? 

Our creative team is working hard to deliver the most fun and exciting tiles to our heymojiers. We value your opinion and are always open to new ideas. Head to the Contact Us page if you have a GIF you would love to see us create!