• Tara De Boer

iVirtual makes it possible for anyone to virtualize themselves into an insanely accurate avatar.

Our Vision

If you’re familiar with iVirtual Technologies, then you’re aware of the ground breaking technology and vision we have for virtual humans in gaming, e-commerce, health and wellness, and the online social world. If you are not yet aware of what we do, here’s a brief background: iVirtual technologies has cracked the code to virtualizing people directly from their smartphones. With just two photos, users can watch as the app heymoji, creates a virtual version of them to be sent and shared on digital platforms. And in the near future, we know that our technology will be so advanced that it will be leading in many different markets.

Exciting Update

Each individual human is unique. We all have different facial structures and body compositions - it’s what makes every person so special. Our mission at iVirtual is to perfect our technology to be able to fully create an accurate virtual version of everyone. This is what we are calling The Evolution of Accuracy - our first major update to our technology that is now apparent in our social app heymoji. With our technology, just by taking one photo, we can produce an accurate, fully detailed (over 15,000 polygons), and accurately coloured model of all facial features in under 0.5 seconds, without the use of depth sensors, sophisticated phones or even multiple pictures. Pretty cool, right?!

The update is about improving the last step of virtualization - refinement. We have designed and implemented a new way to deform the 3D model we use to match the segmentation contour more accurately and efficiently. This update improves the results when virtualizing a human by constraining the parameters of the model to plausible solutions. In simpler terms, an example of this would be that the update disables having models where one leg is much longer than the other, resulting in a closer representation of the true human body shape. 


So why is this important to our overall business plan? Our business model assumes three stages: social, followed by gaming and eventually retail. We’ve started with social, where our models are becoming more accurate representations of people to send and share for entertainment purposes. But the evolution of accuracy is even more exciting for the future of iVirtual in the gaming and retail industries. For instance, online shoppers will be able to see if clothing will fit properly on their bodies by trying it on their own virtual human before purchasing it. This update is important because it is putting iVirtual enroute to filling some major gaps in the market. 

The evolution of accuracy is just the beginning of an exciting lineup of updates in technology that have never been done before. Stay tuned for more information and to stay in the know of the latest technology advancements!