• Tara De Boer

A Guide to Easily Virtualize Yourself

Virtualizing yourself sounds complicated, but you don't have to be a tech guru to do it! iVirtual makes it super easy for you to become a virtual human. Here's how to do it:

1. Download heymoji. 

If you have an Android device click here:

If you have an iOS device click here:

2. Let's get started! Click “I’m Ready”.

3. Tap on the pink camera button and grab a friend to take a front and back photo of you. Cick “guide to taking the perfect pics” at the bottom to nail your pics! 

4. When you’ve taken both pictures, it should look like this. Hit create! 

5. A notification will pop up asking to send you notifications - allow it! We only send notifications when your new heymoji is ready!

5. Tap on "Create" and wait…

6. You’ll get a notification that your heymoji is ready! Your virtual human now exists and you can send it through these fun GIFs we have for you that are constantly being updated.